People Who Own Boats Love To Enjoy The Freedom Of Hour In The Lake

People love to speed their boats, go fishing, skiing, tubing or even just cruising around the lake. The water allows boat owners to have fun and relax. However with the luxury of owning a boat, the boat owners know that it is a must and a necessity in maintaining and up keeping their boat. Boats are useful for some many reasons it can be for recreation, sport, etc. 

The most vital part of any boat that needs regular maintenance is the motor. Outboard motor is the most common type of motor. This motor controls the propulsion of the boat varying speed.
The outboard motor is an affordable and versatile way of powering any boat size, it is made up in one self contained unit with a gearbox, effective engine and a propeller and also it comes in various different sizes and different power capabilities.
On many boats, motors are the propulsion system. This motor is mounted on to the transom that is the flat surface on the boat and used in propelling small watercraft. This motor allows the boat in steering through the water and allows the driver the change direction and pivot the motor on the boat. One of the benefits in using this motor is that it can be easily removed for repairs and maintenance. And also can be removed for storage purposes.
Looking back in history, the earliest outboard boat motors were sold in 1909. However in 1920s many companies start manufacturing and producing their own outboard two stroke motors. The style and design used in producing at that time has still not change much over decades. Boat owners preferred these types of motors because of their reliability, light weight, simplicity and low in cost.
The real change of this motor type took place in 1990s. This was when there was production increase for four stroke motors than the two stroke motors. This changed happened because of the emission regulation that passes in the US and Europe government. Today outboard boat motors compared to the earlier two strokes motor have improved in their functions and designs and also on fuel efficiency. The current and latest development on these motors is the outboard electric motors. However the functions of this new motor are similar to the others.
The traditional use of the two stroke motor has been used in many small craft boats for many years, however this boat emitted black smoke fogs that rise in to the air and also the smell was strong. Nevertheless with the regulation on emission today these motors changed and became quieter in noise and eco friendly.